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autism tasmaniaAutism Tasmania is making futures brighter for people affected by Autism.

Autism Tasmania is more than the sum of its board, staff and members. Autism Tasmania touches many people through our education, support, training, services and social media. Most importantly, every person whose life intersects with Autism Tasmania has extended family and friends.  Raising awareness of autism, by spreading the word amongst family and friends goes some way towards generating greater understanding for individuals on the autism spectrum.



Autism Tasmania Staff


Terry Burke

Information Team

Maree Morgan (Manager)

North & North West

- Jessica Benge

- Maree Morgan

- Robyn Thomas


- Jodie Denman

- Kerryn Pammenter

Training Manager & Early Days Co-ordinator

Robyn Thomas

Communications & Brand

Ben Lambert


North - Maree Morgan

South - Allison Lapham


Philippa Geard





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